Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just in Case

Just in case our life was looking a little too peachy, I thought I would add a little dose of this too!
Not that our life isn't peachy, but peachy is often peppered with little bouts of grumpiness from all of us.

In Linley's defense she had been at the hair salon for 2 hours and she was DONE.

Ziplining 2010-because there will be more!

For Jackson's last day of school I decided to do something fun. I found a coupon for a Buy one Get one Free Zip line tour near Nashville. Gee decided that sounded fun and wanted to join us so the three of us set out for 10 zip lines and a little over an hour of stupendous fun. Oh and a few spins, bumps, giggles and rough landings!

Here is Gee getting ready for one of the milder zips with a running start. She stuck this landing pretty good.
Here are Jackson and I after our double zip-my first time holding hands with someone zipping next to me.
All of us!
And I saved the best for this video. It is only 20 seconds and you can turn the volume down, but let's just say that my beloved mother had a problem putting her feet down to land and I was so glad to capture it on video. Watch until the end.
And here is Jackson and I on the double. I love his giggles. Jackson told us that "this was the most funnest day he has ever had in his whole life"
I highly recommend the company and we will be going back!

Welcoming Summer

We finished our (ok, really just Jackson) first year of school and in welcoming the summer here is our wish to you:
We hope your summer is as full of...
fun, and
memories as ours already is!
We had an awesome first day of summer break complete with three generations on lots of ziplines.  Stay tuned for footage of one Granny busting at the end:)