Friday, May 13, 2011

They Finally Did It!

After a year of trying and MANY different contraptions, Carli and Jackson were finally successful in building their backyard zip-line.
Even more amazing is the fact that not a single adult helped in the process.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Special

Dear Mom,

You do so many things for me now that I am a mom and I can't imagine going through the trials and excitements of motherhood without you. I have spent a little time thinking about all the things you did BEFORE I became a mom and just wanted to say thanks. So here it goes:

Thanks for not playing with me everytime I asked-Now I don't feel so bad when I say no to playing barbie again.

Thanks for teaching me how to cook without recipes-It makes last minute mealtimes much easier.

Thanks for letting me wear your high heels and dresses.

Thanks for letting me go to sleep overs every weekend.

Thanks for teaching me the importance of 'family' meals-no matter who is included in that family.

Thanks for taking me on family vacations even if I did get sick EVERY single time.

Thanks for letting me try lots of different extracurriculars.

Thanks for driving me to said extracurriculars.

Thanks for finally giving in on those green peas and letting me leave the table.

Thanks for letting me go on vacation ALONE with my granparents

Thanks for getting me that polka dot bikini(even though I now won't get one for Linley:)

Thanks for teaching me how to negotiate (even if it was by letting Jim be in charge)

Thanks for being almost as bad at Trivial Pursuit as I am

Thanks for loving the 'easy' games so we have a chance of beating dad and Jim every once in a while.

Thanks for the double cheeseburger after the soccer games.

Thanks for letting me stand up for my friends even when you knew I would end up getting hurt.

Thanks for leaving all those twenty dollar bills around for me to find.

Thanks for teaching me how to work hard.

Thanks for singing, humming and then do-do-doing rock a bye-baby to me when I was young.

Thanks for all the goodins.

Thanks for reading me Shel Silverstein.

Thanks for chocolate chocolate chip cake.

Thanks for teaching me about that dinosaur-Ourthesaurus.

Thanks for snake snot snare.

Thanks for getting a hotel room in Disneyworld.

Thanks for taking me and grandma to TCBY after shopping

Thanks for painting that rainbow on my wall.

Thanks for sending me to private school.

Thanks for handing me the microphone so I could sing 'Hey Mickey You're so Fine' (are you singing it now?)

Thanks for driving me and Emery to the cross country race while we sang Eagles and Queen songs the whole way.

Thanks for taking me to drive in movies.

Mostly, thanks for being and incredible, selfless woman of God that I am so proud to call my mother. What a great gift I was given 31 years ago on my birthday. Wish I could be with you today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exactly 3 Minutes

It takes an hour and a half of alone time to fill up 2 buckets full of water balloons.

Do you know how long it takes to empty that bucket?

It takes...

7 kids...

exactly 3 minutes...

to empty those 2 buckets...

Give or take...

2 minutes and 45 seconds.
The End.