Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Answer and D's Birthday

So the answer to what Darrell was doing in the last post was not near as funny as your guesses.
Darrell was holding the rack on the Xterra down because the rubber guard is off. If the car hits 50mph then it vibrates and makes a hideous noise on the roof. (I told you it wasn't funny-it was funny that Darrell correctly guessed the comments after I told him who commented)

Happy 32nd babe. The weekend at the lake was fun and full of:

1. Fire

2. Sheer adorableness

3. Me falling off all of the lake toys and leaving my children stranded multiple times

4. Jackson deciding he was better off in the water without me than with me:)

6. "mom did you fall off AGAIN?"

7. Hilarious pictures-don't know what's funnier: Darrell's big hand or Laura's rock on hand.

8. More adorableness and the fact that Laura can get Linley to do just about anything.

9. ...and a 1st grader

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bonus Points

100 Bonus Points to anyone that can guess what Darrell is doing in this picture!

Everyone is eligible except of course my mom who already knows the answer:)

Oh and Happy Birthday Darrell!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ahhh Summertime

Summertime means:

No not that, it means that you have to start thinking about Halloween and my kids already have their costumes picked out. Do yours? We also have our haunted house planned, menu written down, decorations out, and face paint ready. Don't worry though Jackson will be starting his own Halloween business soon so we will send you the business card

Okay so summer does mean this too:

and this (if you are the watermelon eating type, which I am not)

and this (if you are the roll around in the ball until you want to puke type, which, again, I am not)

and this (if you are the stay up WAY too late to get a glimpse of some fireworks just so you can throw a temper tantrum b/c it is WAY past your bedtime, which Linley clearly IS)

and this-my dear friends this DEFINITELY is summertime and a huge milestone for my family with that hugely fat toad. If you can't remember why just read this-you'll laugh until you pee-promise