Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

A great week with Great Grandparents, sand, water and hushpuppies can make you feel like this:

There was a lake a few houses down from us that washed a channel straight to the ocean after a storm. The result was lots of wildlife : The kids caught this flounder and 3 others, tons of crabs, minnows and a bass.
Both kids made friends which made it awfully nice for the adults to sit on the edge of the lake and take a break from burying in sand and jumping waves.

Surprisingly, LInley was our ocean baby and wanted to be in the water constantly. Jackson knows what lives and stings in the ocean and is a little more tentative. This girl, however, does not care what lives in there or that she can't swim well.

Of course a highlight of the trip was hanging out with the Great Grands, riding John Deere's and Jackson helping to lead music at the small country church-truly precious.

It was a very picturesque and perfect week, but no worries as soon as we arrived back in Tennessee the bickering resumed:)