Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Summer Goals 2013

It is official, I have turned in my resignation and thanks to my incredible husband I will get to try being a stay at home mom.  This new full-time job of mine isn't set to start until the end of May, but that hasn't stopped me from making a list of things I want to do this summer:

Our goals for "The Best Summer EVER!"

Canoe the Harpeth
Go to the Library
Tell scary stories in the dark
Backyard Camping
Real Camping
Paint (outside:)
Make a lemonade stand
Play at the spray park downtown
Go fishing
Have a picnic
Water fight
Play dress up with Linley
Go to a farmer's market
Make smores
Plant veggies
Family Movie Night
Go to movie in the park at Pinkerton
Have a baking day and deliver to neighbors
Make homemade popsicles
Eat breakfast for lunch
Play board games
Go to the zoo
Have a banana split Party
Visit a Museum
Go to the beach and see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa
Paint our nails-Let Jackson paint something that isn't his nails
Roller Skate
Wash the Car
Have a tea Party
Do a science experiment
Have a Karaoke contest
Go bowling
Have a dance party
Go to dragon Park
Build a HUGE fort
Go to VBS
Ride Bikes to the donut shop and actually eat a donut
Go hiking
Take lots of pictures and Make a photo book
Make a time capsule
Do the Barnes and Noble summer reading program
Do pinterest Activities
Go to Sonic happy hour
Mail artwork to grandparents and great grands
Pick up trash on Darrell's running trail

What do you think?  Can we do them all?  Am I missing things?