Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What my son taught me last night

I know that I am a selfish person and I give my kids a hard time for being selfish and spoiled, but I love it when God teaches me a lesson through them.

Last night our family helped to feed a group of homeless men. The men ate with us and we talked, Linley hugged and gave them pictures and commented on how young they were. It was a great meal.

When we got home and I climbed on top of Jackson's bed to read the most depressing book ever I asked him why his pillow was at the foot of the bed. He said to me, "mom I want to see what it feels like to have to sleep at night with no pillow."

I called Darrell later, who was still visiting with the men and told him what Jackson was doing and we both commented that at 30 something years old neither of us have ever wondered that.

I love this guy for the things he teaches me.