Friday, June 22, 2012


Today is our 10th Anniversary so to the man who has put up with me (and I him) for 10 years this post is for you:  

Darrell thank you for 10 years of laughs, hugs, good times and tough.  You are supportive, hardworking, loving, adventurous and challenging.  The next 10 years will take us into the land of teenagers and I expect it will be just as exciting as the first.  Love you more than dark chocolate, pretty coffee, trips to New York and matching underwear!

Darrell planned a trip to NYC to celebrate and my major request was that I wouldn't have to plan ANYTHING or navigate ANYWHERE.  I told him that I make about 2023 decisions everyday and I just wanted to go and someone else decide.  He did.

Our first stop was to 2 Thai restaurants.  The first one took one look at us and told us to leave (not kidding) so we went 2 blocks over and feasted on this:

We headed to Wall Street so Darrell could pose with the bull.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the 9/11 memorial.  It was very touching and beautiful and reading the names was tough.  The new WTC building is behind Darrell.

We ate at 2 pizza places: one in Brooklyn and one in Greenwich.  I am not sure which is my favorite.  I pretty much love pizza any way I can get it.

We took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty:  Mistake No. 1 was getting me on that boat.  I was no fun after 30 seconds on the ferry.  I was sick the rest of the time and didn't enjoy it one bit.

Saw a pirate ship:

We got last minute tickets to a Yankees game.  This was so fun.  IT was rainy and chilly and my cheap shoes fell apart, but we had a blast-and got to go to a different part of town.

Why does pretty coffee taste so much better?  Linley asked me before I left if I would get pretty coffee and I did.

There are 2 ghostbuster pictures: The library
The Highline was very fun.

Darrell's favorite dinner was where some famous mob boss got killed and it was old school New York and very delicious.

Central Park

 The Big Piano

Ghostbuster #2

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Friends at the Lake

I can't believe this was our first lake weekend of the year.  Jackson took along his best friend, Carli, and they made quite a kneeboarding pair.

 This girl has gotten much braver this year and was swimming alone and trying new things.  Everytime she got on the intertube she wanted to go "faster".

They kneeboarded many, many, many times!

Linley got up on the kneeboard for the first time.  I bribed her with M&M's.  She is an easy bribe, but it worked:)

These two took a little nap in the front and were so precious.  I hope they stay friends for a long time!

One more first for the weekend:  Carli learned how to ski!