Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parenting Milestone

I had a parenting milestone yesterday and I can't say that it was one I was wanting or expecting. Yesterday the kids and I loaded up to go buy shaving cream and something for dinner. After we checked out, got in the car and headed back home I heard Linley ask Jackson, "what is that?"

Jackson replied: "a new bouncy ball"

I asked Jackson where he got that bouncy ball and he told me he found it in the store.

I pulled the car over and we discussed. I found out that it was not with other bouncy balls and Jackson really thought some kid had just lost it and it was not for sale.

I asked Jackson what he thought we should do and he said, "Take it back" in the smallest, quietest, most scared voice I have ever heard.

As tears welled up in his eyes, he beggggggeeeddd me to give it back, but I wouldn't.

We found the manager who had checked us out and he put the ball on the counter.

It turns out that they do sell the balls, but this one had been picked up by a kid earlier and stuck on the candy shelf.

Jackson was terrified, sad, and mostly embarrassed.

I am pretty sure that was punishment enough.

Oh, and I am very proud of him too!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Activity Professional Week

I was answering the phones at the front desk yesterday when this plopped down on the counter. I have never really been in a situation where wigs were presented in such a pretty and see through box.

Now on to the real reason of the post: A THANK YOU to my coworkers.

Don't be surprised that there is a week devoted to us Activity Professionals, because there is a week for EVERY job out there.
I was surprised, however, when my coworkers surprised me with delicious and fun treats for this special week.

I was treated like royalty. I am talking an entire pasta bar set up and operated by this awesome employee with my same last name. YUMM!
These two ladies brought my favorite breakfasts: chick fil a and panera bagels. A prize might be in order if a non co-worker can guess why the label on my rose says THE GIANT(hint: it came from the kids).

And last but not least a trip to get pedicures! Woohoo. Thanks guys

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Boy

6 years ago tomorrow, I walked into the hospital wearing a short sleeve shirt and it was 18 degrees outside. Clearly a 9lb baby can severely impair your internal thermostat.
Today it is supposed to be in the 50's and I can't wait to celebrate with this special almost 6 year old.
We had Jackson's bowling birthday party this weekend and it was super fun. I love his friends and of equal importance is the fact that Darrell and I love to hang out with all of their parents.

Easiest cake I have ever made. Thank you, Jackson for a break in making difficult cakes:)

Here is most of the bowling crew. We had some stragglers that wouldn't have their picture made. Carli, the only girl, may not appreciate the ratio today, but some day she will.

See you here later this week with my 6 favorite things about my 6 year old.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who are you calling a Pushover?

By looking at this picture I can't really tell who is more smitten with the other.
Is it that Daddy is so smitten with his daughter that he would be willing to paint her toenails or
that Linley is so smitten with her Daddy that she would let him.

Oh what's that you say, you need to see a close-up of my husband painting toenails?
Well, here you go.

...and why is Darrell painting her nails you ask?
Because she asked him too. How about that for love!

P.S. He did a good job too:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

All Better Now

So what do you do when you have a Murphy's Law kind of weekend? You know the weekend where your car turns sideways in the snow on the narrowest road possible, the one were you get the call that grandma isn't doing so well, and the one were your husband calls and tells you the pipes are frozen.

Yeah, that's the kind of weekend that I am talking about and here is exactly what you do:

First you do a little of this with the much older women* of the neighborhood (by older women, I mean 4th graders).

Then you head to Memphis and do this:

...and since it was Memphis we also saw 2 crooks get busted:0

Then you head back to Gee and Grandaddy's house for a lot of this:
Now then, I feel much better:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love It

For 2010 I will focus on more of the positive things that comes from this SPIRITED 2 year old.
And here is one: she is just too darn adorable to not love!