Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 8th

Seeing as how neither Darrell nor I remembered that today was our Anniversary I wasn't quite prepared for an awesome blog post, but I can't let the day pass without something being said.

Since our Sunday school teacher challenged us to remember and love the parts of our spouse that are unique to them that is what I will do here. One for every year that we have been married (unless of course I can't think of any after five).

So here are 8 things that make me love Darrell:

1. His speed walking routine (this was the first thing that made me laugh about him before we ever even considered dating). Really this is hilarious and if you haven't seen it you should. As a matter of fact I should capture it on video and post it here, but then we may not make it to 9 years.

2. His fascination with and pride over his yard. Even if we had millions of dollars I don't think he would let anyone else do our yard, because it wouldn't be right. Those few months after he broke his ankle and I cut the grass nearly killed him.

3. His ability to sort, open, respond and file to EVERY SINGLE piece of mail EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you see a piece of mail sitting on our counter there is a 100% chance that it is mine and I haven't taken care of it yet.

4. His loving and compassionate way of dealing with those that are grieving. Of course he was stupendous at comforting me after Samuel's death, but even later as he has comforted others with loss-he always knows what to say or not say and then he does so with sincerity. Truly a blessing to me.

5. His love for food both normal southern fried and disgusting oddities like that fish liver crap that he ordered twice in Spain.
6. His love for our children and his desire for adventure with Jackson. He can have a tea party with Linley one minute and then have Jackson down in the country doing dirty country things the next.

7. The fact that he is one of the best looking 30something men skiing on the lake.
8. Last and certainly the most unique is the fact that every night for 8 years he has washed his feet and taken no more than 10 steps before climbing in bed. Anymore than 10 steps and a rewash would have to take place. I love sleeping with a man with clean feet!

I love you babe and Happy 8th Anniversary. I can't wait to celebrate with burgers and homemade guacamole!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What I love about San Fran the Second Time Around

Darrell and I went to San Francisco with his family while we were still dating. On that trip we did every conceivable thing within a two hours drive of the city so this time around we took things a little easier.

So here is what made this trip so much fun in a very different way:

1. A great excuse to go in the first place: a wedding and a beautiful, hot one at that.

2. Weddings mean free entertainment, food and wedding cake-yum!

3. So much sun that I look like a pirate-Aarrgh matey
4. Trying out this awesome photographer's tips on self shooting.
5. Delicious ice cream sundae in the ultra touristy Ghiradelli Square
6. I loved this place-the Ferry Building.
7. Darrell and I drinking loose leaf tea for the first time ever at some Chinese tea shop.

8. Spending an entire afternoon with Tennessee family that have all relocated to different parts of CA. This day was so fun for Darrell and I.
9. Our last stop before the airport and our red eye flight home. We walked 3/4 of the way across before I decided I needed a pit stop and turned back for the visitor's center. It was not nearly as peaceful a walk as I had hoped. It was very noisy and busy and the whole time we walked single file so we wouldn't get run over by bikes.

The trip was fun, relaxing and a great time for Darrell and I to enjoy being married and not just mom and dad:) Thanks babe for a great weekend.

Chasing Rabbits

I will post San Francisco pictures soon, I promise.
We had a wonderful weekend-the kind of fun, free weekend with no major plans except a Birthday Party. We spent Saturday at a pool party and then at the pool. It was really the only thing to do since it was so hot and my kids aren't really allowed to stay inside.

I really love going to the pool because it does this to my kids...
...and I love worn out kids.

After church Sunday it was too hot again for plain outside time so I hooked up the slip n slide and had the neighbor kids over for water hose fun. That little idea turned into something entirely different. The kids saw a baby rabbit hop into our garage so an all out bunny hunt ensued.
It didn't take them long to wrangle that one little bunny play with him and release him back in the yard.

After Daddy got home he checked under the slide and this is what we found:

Three bunnies, soaking wet from our water day. Jackson, Linley and I ran around and caught baby bunnies while Darrell laughed at us for not being able to keep up with the tiny critters. Jackson then convinced Darrell to relocate the animals instead of, well, you know.

After this video Jackson went back out in the yard and found yet another bunny. It too was taken to it's new home with its brothers and sisters. Oh and Jackson thinks they were all sisters because he turned them over:)

It was very exciting and I am sure Jackson will be hunting rabbits for weeks to come in hopes of finding more. AT least we hadn't run over them with the lawn mower yet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We have been away from the kids for almost a week now and I officially miss them. Who wouldn't miss these monkeys?