Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Mountain Christmas

We had a great Christmas in the Smokies this year. We rented a cabin and my side of the family spent 5 days together in a large house with lots of food and good wine.

Here is the trip backward:

Santa left gifts, here are Jackson and Linley's piles:

Just before bedtime the three youngest cousins left out cookies for Santa.  Unfortunately the magic of Santa is gone for Jackson and there is only so much pretending an 8 year old boy can do.

The kids each got a Christmas Eve gift and Jackson got a waterproof camera from Gee and Grandaddy.  I promise to share those awesome underwater pictures another day:)  Can't you see him saying "YESSS!"

LOTS of wrestling and horsing around happened

This is the post scavenger hunt treat for finding everything on their lists:

Our Scavenger hunt that Aunt Cake planned:

 My favorite outing was our first day there and we went snow tubing.  This was so much fun, even buying really expensive gloves since no one thought to bring gloves to the mountains, in the winter, on a snowy hill:)

Second favorite part of the trip was Kate giving Jim his Christmas present early our first night:
A trip to Italy with four of his Closest Friends!!!!!!!  Yeah!  
Can't wait for that trip:)