Thursday, September 24, 2009

All Different Kinds of Sick

There are all different kinds of sick:
Sick of going to work
Sick of planning dinners
Sick of making lunches
Oh, wait we weren't talking just about me so on with it then:
This past weekend we experienced two kinds of sick:
The first was the kind that made me take Dramamine every day in Disney World:
It's also the kind of sick that only two grandkids can talk you into:) I have to confess that I laughed through nearly the entire ride-that is until I heard my mom ask the guy to turn off the ride. I then knew that this was no laughing matter-I did manage to document it first though.
Don't worry-Gee managed to slowly recover after they closed down the ride and let her sit there for quite some time-or at least she faked it well.
So we finished our day at the Memphis Zoo slowly walking around and all sharing a large fountain drink to get Gee through the ride sickness. Aren't we glad we can all share?

We shared quiet moments with Grandaddy
Sweet boat rides with siblings

And let's not forget about us sharing FLU GERMS! Aren't we sweet like that?

Turns out that Linley woke up Sunday with the FLU-EWWW. Not a single typical symptom except a fever.

She was soo sick I even let her play with my beloved 34 year old blankie (oh-thank you for noticing-of course I am not 34, but the blankie is)

Poor little punkin with her pricked finger-isn't she too pitiful?

Everyone is doing fine now and back to work. Hoping that Sick Sundays don't strike again soon:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I Love-He Doesn't

Why is it that the one sport that I really loved to play, my son could care less about? I promised Jackson that this could be his last season of soccer if he still disliked it at the end. Lord, please help him love it!

The past three seasons have been painful to watch as Jackson was usually floating around the field only half paying attention to what was going on.

This year Darrell can at least watch the games and we are focusing on the great improvements that he has. He at least touches the ball now-woohoo!

Anyway, he had a game Tuesday night in the rain. The kids thought this was so fun.

My bathtub did not as it was covered in grass after our late night baths. Linley LOVED playing with all the siblings and being soaking wet. It also didn't hurt that she got to partake in the after game drinks and snacks:)Onto a sunnier note: a much sunnier note. The Webb's joined Darrell and I for a little fall football tailgating this past weekend. We of course forgot sunscreen, but one more burn before the summer is over felt great.

Darrell and I represented the orange team: Trent and Claire the white:

Too bad neither won.

I won't mention any names, but I just had to add this picture, because this man is almost as persnickity as my husband and a persnickity man holding pom poms is just too funny not to publish.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not a Lot

I knew it had been a while, but when my dad kindly reminds me that it has been three weeks then I KNOW it is time for a new post. You see I am more of a once a week girl.
Since I have gone part time I don't have near as much free time at work to, well, do personal stuff:)
That and the fact that I don't have a lot of material lately. That is unless you want to hear about me going triple couponing, saving 88% on my grocery bill, making PB & J sandwiches on tortillas since I had no bread or all of that other HIGHLY ENTERTAINING stuff.
Don't you wish they had a font called 'not really' or 'sarcasm'?

And then I ask Darrell to take a picture of Claire and I as we were tailgating last weekend and this is what I get: Don't think that is some fancy Mac blurring option on the photo. Honestly I don't have any idea how or why that happened. Oh and yes, Claire and I were huddled beside the car in the shade, because we are not professional tailgaters and did not bring a tent or sunscreen.

More blogs soon-I promise:)