Sunday, June 9, 2013

The First Two Weeks

I have really enjoyed my first two weeks at home with the kids and we are still celebrating "the best summer EVER."  They still said that after I whipped out the summer workbooks:) 

We have already marked off quite a few things from our Summer Goals list like:

*Go to Dragon Park (glad we marked this off but the kids didn't really think it was too fun)

*Have a tea party (this was a sleepover breakfast tea party so I am pretty sure I got bonus points for this)

*Build a HUGE fort (this doubled as our afternoon reading nook for a couple of days until I couldn't stand the clutter of it all-Darrell is really starting to get to me on all this orderliness:)

*Paint something-the kids picked out a piece for Father's Day and maybe Great-Grandfather's Day

*Have a Banana Split Party-this is the only picture I got and I am not sure why, but we will do this again since I have so many leftovers and there are more kids in the neighborhood that didn't get to come.

*Water Fight-or the after effects

*Go to the Farmer's Market-we biked there and I was a little frightened so Darrell found me an alternate (aka longer) and less busy route home.  I will do that again for sure.

*Camping-this was so much fun or at least it was fun after we had returned to Memphis and had a hot shower and warm bed.  I will be adding this to next years list.

* Dance Party with the cousins to Christmas Music

*Went to the Zoo with LOTS of cousins.  Jackson loved the twins and was pushing, holding or feeding them the entire time.

And then a few things that were not on the list:

I can't wait to see what the next two weeks bring!  I see Great Grandparents, Beaches, Snipe Hunting:) and lots of pool time in our future.