Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Redneck Neighbor

Darrell and I share the philosophy (although he introduced me to the idea) that every neighborhood has at least ONE red neck neighbor. You know the one who doesn't cut the grass or has a broken down vehicle parked on the curb or a dead tree in the lawn that had fallen 3 years earlier, or maybe even a "nice" collection of lawn ornaments. Go ahead and think about it, I bet you have already identified the one in your neighborhood.

When we moved into our new house we wondered who that neighbor was, but it wasn't abundantly clear at first, but by golly I think I have found them and it ain't pretty.

You see folks, I am beginning to think we are THAT neighbor, although I am quickly realizing that we might share the title with two other neighbors.

So here is what makes us (and the other 2 who shall remain nameless) the rednecks of the neighborhood:

1. We receive emails from the neighborhood HOA about kids playing in oncoming traffic and we immediately know that they are talking about us.

2. You find a neighbor eating on the power thingy box in the backyard and decide to join him.

3. Putting all the neighborhood kids in the back of a truck with two dads to go buy groceries seems like a good idea. (especially when these are the dads)

Have I convinced you yet?
No? Ok, I will continue.

4. After the trip to the grocery store it seems like a good and classy idea to pull the grill out and have a cookout in the ALLEY!

5. Cornhole in said alleyway.

6. Keeping kids up way past bedtimes just so the adults don't have to quit hanging out.
7. Putting chip bags in front of your face or was it the eating straight out of the chip bag with dirty cracked bird egg hands that was redneck? You choose.

8. Ruining perfectly adorable pictures with veggies.
9. Thinking it would be better to hold your chin up while taking a picture instead of just letting it go.

Still not convinced? Then would you be if I told you this belonged to one of us?

Just kidding.

Mmm Bacon and all things Easter

Does bacon do this to you?

...Cause I love it that much too.

We were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt unlike any I have ever been to and it was amazing.
Don't let the kids eating on the steps fool you-it was catered with linens and fancy settings. This was just round 2 for these two kiddos.

The Brunch included the Easter Bunny

An egg hunt of course

Games with prizes (Linley got a package of barrettes and could not have been happier:)

and most importantly the Resurrection Story

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wacky Tacky Tax Day

This is always my favorite party of the year. My residents and the staff are told to dress Wacky and/or Tacky.
My favorite tacky outfit was this one (you can't see the empty cigarette pack in her pocket). CLASSY!

Linley spent the night hugging and dancing with everyone. Here were two of her favorites:

She tried to dress Wacky and still be beautiful-that was important to her. YOu can see her outfit above.
She was anything but Tacky. Our bartender snapped this shot of her after the cocktail party.
I know I am biased, but she is beautiful (and wacky, and on occasion tacky:)