Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 Years

Dear Da' Rell (that's how they say it in Memphis),

I can't believe it has been 9 years, which I realize is not a milestone, but somehow it seems like a really long time (nearly 1/3 of my life). I love you for so many reasons, but let me just tell you 9 reasons that I said 'I do' 9 years ago.

1. The first thing that got me was your speed walking routine. Saturday Night Live could make a killer skit out of that and I nearly wet my britches just watching it. And to think that you had a girlfriend at that time:)

2. The suave way you jumped out of the back of your truck just to bust your rear on the ice! (Susan was an eye witness so don't deny it)

3. All of our free dates mountain biking and playing frisbee golf. And our trips to the hidden rock on that lake in Knoxville.

4. Saving me from the bear that I stopped so close to in Cades Cove.

5. Taking me to California for the first time!
6. Being a country boy at heart and for not yelling at me on our first date when I broke your truck window.

7. Teaching me to slalom, knee board and wakeboard.

8. Instant messaging me the entire summer before we started dating.

9. Because you persistently pursued me in a way that was clear that God would always be a part of our marriage.

Love you and can't wait for the next 9 and maybe a few speed walking routines to get us through when times get rough.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lake Day

Not much can make the first lake weekend of the year more enjoyable than following that lake weekend with a kid free week. Don't be jealous, but I have enjoyed the heck out of my two days of solitude.
Working out, cooking for just myself, throwing away crappy toys (don't tell the kids), reading books, and going to the movies ALONE has made for a nice and relaxing week.

Now on to the lake:

Look at that stud on the air chair. I would post a picture of myself on that monstrosity, but I wouldn't want to embarrass Darrell with my MAD air chair skills;)

Happy 42nd Birthday Laura! Not sure how my kids squeezed in like they are your family, but when cake is involved it becomes a pretty competitive field.

He wasn't laughing because he got thrown off of the tube; he was laughing at Grams trying to get back ON the tube.

That's a mighty big log you have there Darrell.

Why do I do this to myself? But these kind of pics make me laugh and it is good to laugh at yourself.

Oh and most importantly Congratulations Dr. Wiiliam Paul Moore!
(I don't know where my graduation pictures went)