Monday, August 16, 2010

Walt Disney Lost His Lunch

Yesterday Walt Disney lost his lunch and ended up all over my house, in my garage and in the backyard. Here's the proof:

We celebrated Linley's 3rd birthday by inviting Sleeping Beauty to the party. I made no other plans besides that and cake and it turns out I didn't need to.

I also had 3 other superhero/princesses come:
Uncle Paul in partial costume here but if you can guess who he is from his other pictures then I will once again give away bonus points.
Laura and Courtney also dressed up as princesses and I like to call them the baby whisperers, because any kids would plop into their arms at anytime with absolutely no regard.

Some of the fierce not so Disney boy characters.

When Sleeping Beauty finally arrived there was total silence for about 30 seconds. I enjoyed it. did she

here is unclePaul again-now can you guess? (come on, I knew right away, you just have to channel your old inner nickelodeon loving self)

Some more sweet party guests:

even the undead have to stop for a rest and a drink.

Cake time!

Future Mr. and Mrs. Moore-Queen Carli and King Skeleton (that will make for some interesting babies:)

These two have cute kind of nicknames for each other: Brookeeee and Linuhlee
And here is another about to turn 3 year old in one more day

Now I am so glad that is over and I am pretty sure that was the last birthday party at our house for a loooong time.