Monday, January 21, 2013

He's Nine

 I really can't believe he is 9 or that I have a 9 year old.  I do love him so much and here are just 9 reasons why:

1. He chooses wisely the friends he keeps near and offers great loyalty, laughs and adventures to them.
2.  He loves to perform "random gravity checks"
3. He always says "I'm Okay" after those "random gravity checks"
4. He is wise beyond his years in ways no school test could ever measure.
5. He asks me questions about life, God, and eternity that make me feel both proud and stupid:)
6. He has a great love for all things outdoors and I hope that will lead to many years of us being able to "play" together.
7.  He risked getting made fun of on the bus because he answered YES(by raising his hand) to the question: "Raise your hand if you like your Dad"  [side note: it is sad that he was made fun of for this, it is sad that not everyone raised their hands, but I am so proud that he has a dad worthy of a hand raise.]
8. He makes a room light up with his smile, jokes, and general sense of lightheartedness
9.  He loves others in a way that is a great reflection of God's love of me.

Happy last year of Single-digits.  We all love you!