Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Yesterday was the first time since, well I can't remember when, that Linley did not go to timeout or have any significant punishment! Woohoo, that is clearly cause for celebration.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Ten from the Bachelorette Weekend in Chicago

Let's just start by saying that I am a 70 year old trapped in a 31 year old body. I cannot remember the last time I saw 2:30 in the morning except when one of the kids woke me puking. So now that that is behind me, we shall proceed.

My last best friend will be getting married in one month so we (10 of us) decided to celebrate by going to Chicago for the weekend. I have never been to Chicago and I can't tell you that I did anything touristy in Chicago except eat-a lot. So with the help of the rest of my travelers here is our Top Ten from the Weekend:

10. Flying Southwest, getting 'A' boarding slots and taking up the last 3 rows of the airplane.

9. Eating pizza when we first got there. I am pretty sure this pizza stayed with us ALL weekend. (as a side note I am definitely a thin and crispy kind of girl)
8. Dueling Piano Bars, especially ones that get into bachelorette parties.

7. This view from the Signature Room Bathroom. I actually felt nauseous (is it nauseous or nauseated?) looking out this window, but what a view.

6. (Top Moment from Calli) I loved the opening "icebreaker" with the story of our beautiful bride, Bunny! (I won't expand on the nickname but the lingerie shower did help explain it.)

5. (One of the Top Moments from Mandi C.) Amanda and I n the bathroom at La Sal Power Company and a fight breaks out.
Amanda-"I'm scared. What should we do?"
Mandy-"I'm not scared, I've had a self defense class"
Amanda- "well I haven't and I'm still scared."
Mandy-"yea we should probably just stay in this stall till it's over, I think I'm getting scared too.".
The poor girl got no help from us.

4. (Brittney's favorite moment)-- Count off... One, Two, Three..... NINE girls in a cabcar. Two in the front laughing at the seven in the back giggling as they make pirate faces/noises and scream about boney butts!

3. (Mandi K's fave) As I am dancing on the dance floor and not really paying attention, Amanda looks over at me and yells, "Brittany-- I thrive in the club" in a very serious tone. I half way turn around and say, "What did you just say?" And then AQ repeats, "
I THRIVE in the club" again with a 100% serious tone with no smile. Hilarious!
2. The Babyface tag-along who tries to swoop in on Lauren D while techno-hiphop pulses and human sweat steams up the third floor of the Power Company . . . "Hi, I'm Charles," he croons. Lauren responds with, "Oh, that's my son's name!" . . . but Babyface keeps on following our group around anyway . . . I guess I can admire his commitment. (why don't I have a pic of Charles? girls help me out)

1. Hanging out with 9 beautiful women to celebrate one Awesome friend's upcoming marriage. Congrats Amanda and we all love you!