Monday, December 29, 2008


So Christmas just isn't Christmas unless at least one child and or adult is sick. Our original plans were to go to Memphis and wake up Christmas morning with my folks and my brother's family. Well, I got a call Monday at work saying that Linley was sick so I picked her up and we headed to the Dr. I assumed she had an ear infection and I wanted to go ahead and get some medicine before we left on our trip. We got to the dr. and found out she had RSV-YUCK. So we immediately called off plans to go to Memphis, I cried, I got over it-and then decided we would just make do with what we had for our first Christmas at home. By Wednesday, you could not tell that my daughter was even sick, but everyone had already changed plans and my parents were headed to Nashville for Christmas Eve and then to Atlanta for Christmas Day. It was very fun to have our family at our home on Christmas morning and even more fun to cook in my new kitchen! Thanks Sweetie for my great double ovens:)

I realize it looks like Darrell is cooking in this next picture, but don't worry-he isn't.

A kid is never too old to sit in his mommy's lap. Of course when you get this old your neice wants to join you. We were glad to have Darrell's mom and brother with us for Italian Christmas meal. My aunt Pat was also there, but somehow she avoided all pictures.

I realize there is a bright light on Linley's forhead but the picture was just too cute not to put on here.

So Darrell and Paul disappeared for a while and found out later that they were playing with Jackson's new race car track.

This was Jackson's new bicycle game that he loves, but Linley had to give it a try too.

so after all the paper flew, we decided that since Linley was doing better we would head to Atlanta to finish the weekend with my brother's family. It was very fun and I ate soooooooooo many yummy treats. I think the sugar coma I was in was the reason why I lost so badly at Liverpool Rummy.

Friday, December 12, 2008


In honor of my side of the families' big Christmas dinner this weekend I thought I would post a few pics of Jackson and Linley with cousins. Growing up I had a million first cousins (no that is not an exaggeration) and remember all the holidays and even Sunday afternoons being very fun. So far Jackson and Linley only have one ;) first cousin, but hope they have more very soon.I realize this is not a real picture of a cousin, but Linley thinks she needs to be able to fit that wide rear into everything, including this toy wagon.I think this was Leighton's first time on the carousel, of course Jackson was able to tell her the names of all of the animals.James crawled up next to Jackson to watch a movie and decided to lay exactly like him. It was adorable!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Big Night Awake

*Warning:This post may not be suitable for young children* The subjects in this post had been sleep deprived. No stylists or makeup artists were used in the making of these pictures so view at your own risk***
That being said, mom and I decided to document our big night awake with Linley. A little background may be needed. We were having a sleep deprived EEG done for linley on Wednesday morning and the nurse kindly told me that were to keep her awake from Midnight until 8am when the test would be performed. I laughed at her and said, "Are you kidding me?" So I called mom crying and she packed up and headed to Nashville (once again presenting "Mom of the Year Award" to Gail Thornton). It didn't occur to us that we should start taking pictures until about 3:00 am. So that is where our little picture journey begins
Here we are at 3:00 am making a "tent" with Linley. She loved this, but after awhile it became too comfortable and like all things we had to move on.

Next move was the bathroom-there is lots of fun stuff to do in there, like sit in the sink and pretend to put on lipstick. She actually looks like a natural putting this on.

Then we were on to toilet paper. I am afraid I have created a monster with this one.

By 4:00 am we had run out of exciting things to keep her awake so we packed up and headed to Walmart. We were the ONLY people there, but it was fun. Walmart proved to be our saving grace. YEs, we are sitting on the floor of Walmart. Yes, it was disgusting. No, we didn't care-we were way too tired.

Here we are as Linley was trying to fall asleep sitting up. Our cue to move to the next department.

Crying, because I made her stay awake

I was so excited that I found bubbles in the diaper bag: Then I dropped and spilled them all over the floor. "Clean up in aisle 13"

The best part of Walmart was the singing Christmas stuff. This kept us occupied for a good 20 minutes. Linley was dancing like crazy in this area. It was adorable

We couldn't leave Walmart without a few purchases: the favorite of which was this giant stuffed dog.

Here is Linley in the car ride home after the test. She wouldn't let the nurse take the things off of her head so we just left them there until a happier time. Isn't she adorable. Here she is as happy as a lark eating food, still all gooed up. This quick meal was followed by a bath and a looonnng nap.