Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Here it is-Samuel's 3rd Birthday. It still hurts, but we will celebrate nonetheless.

Not sure which wires were mine and which were his in this picture!

This is my favorite pic. Darrell is so proud of his second son and I am told he was practically running with the pediatric team down the hallway to get to Childrens. I love his smile (this is when we still thought Samuel would live).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Town Hall for Hope

Great news!

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 14:27

Check out this message of hope from Dave Ramsey

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stage Name: Dean Creek

I am sure you have all heard to get your stage name (your middle name and street name) so Jackson's is Dean Creek. Well he has quite a stage presence.

For our St. Patrick's Day Party at work, Jackson, I mean, Dean Creek stole the show. He hopped right up on our stage took the microphone and clearly pronounced the winners to our contest. My favorite name that he had to say: Andromedia.

I am confident in saying that when I was 5 I hid behind my mom's skirt and prayed that no one would notice that I was around, but Jackson is just too charming to hide and what a cute Irishman he was.

This little girl, however, was having no part of entertaining. Linley has been home sick all week. Before you give us pity let me assure you that Linley sick is actually kind of sweet. She has snuggled with me more this week than she has her entire first 18 months of life. Luckily Gee is here taking care of her today.

Doesn't that face just say it all? It says I am in charge and watch out world cause if I don't get my way a giant tantrum is coming. I will get a video of one of those tantrums soon. It will be good footage for her Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow in about 22 years:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All the Single Men

So have I ever mentioned how much I love my friends. They pretty much rock and I love that I have different friends in different life stages that all bring somehing different to the table as wonderful women of God.

The past couple of weeks, Darrell and I have been able to hang out with some of them and this summer we will be going to Mexico with several other couples. Darrell, stop reading here. (if any of you want to pray for a little mexico baby please feel free).

Continuing on:

While I love my friends, I wouldn't dare post anything that boring on here so I thought I would take this opportunity in honor of St. Pottsy's day to post on this one friend: pictured below.

Love her and guess what-she's single. Now don't be worried that she will be mad at me for this post, because well, she doesn't read her hotmail account or facebook and especially not blogs. (maybe she will after this). I have been friends with Potts for many years now and it is time for her to find a catch as good as she is. So all 10 of you that read this blog it is time to keep your eyes open. I will issue dating cards for her that you can hand out and let's get this ball rolling:) I mean who wouldn't date a woman this amazing who can sport a sombrero any old day of the year?

That takes confidence folks. Don't worry about the other blondes in the pictures-they are already spoken for.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Daddies Are In Charge of Bathtime

Before bathtime I will wish Happy Birthday's to both Grandmother's. We celebrated with Gee on Saturday with a carrot cake-yum (Jackson decided to bring out the carousel horses for a topper). The day before we celebrated Jackson said "Mommy, I think we need to make Gee and Grams ballerina cakes." Umm-not gonna happen. I love how everyone is focused on blowing out candles, except Darrell:) Oh and we waited for Linley to go to sleep before we dug into the cheesecake.
So while I was getting Grams' cake ready I asked Darrell to give the kids a bath. This is usually a pretty painless job until Linley recently decided she didn't like bathtime. They all disappear and about ten minutes later we (Grams, MacDaddy and myself) hear a "Come look at this."
We all pile into the bathroom, I must admit I was kind of expecting some extra "goodies" to be in the tub courtesy of Linley, but was relieved and quite tickled to find this:

That's a lot of bubbles. Actually, I think there were equal parts of bubbles and water in that tub, but either way there were too many bubbles for Linley to sit down. Good job Sweetie!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Loving the Seniors

So I love seniors. This is obvious since I have spent my last 8 years working for them.
I have tried to teach my kids to love them as well. Any one who has lived 80+ years has lots of experience and wisdom and just downright funny stories. This love of seniors has translated great for one of my brood and the other is, well, a work in progress. I am sure you can tell which is which.
Linley finally conceded to be held by another human being other than her mother, but only after she was bribed with cookies.