Monday, April 27, 2009

Crawfish 09

****WARNING**** This post has a TON of pictures, but I just could not narrow it down.
We had our 3rd annual crawfish boil this past weekend and for the 3rd year the weather and company was perfect. I love this event, not so much for the crawfish, but more because the guys do most of the work:) The boil was even more perfect b/c my parents helped to watch the kids. So here it is in pictures:

Jackson is ONLY holding this b/c it is dead. I have a better picture of these two, but it is way more fun that Win ignored me and ate first. I like that rule: "eat first, smile later"
Dumping out the first pot

Yes, Natalie is asleep in Mandi's arms: adorable:)

I tell Potts that she is just like Jesus: "Let the little children come" Really she is a kid magnet.

Joanna with Kennedy

Now this is a serious Cajun-putting your daughter in a pack to give her lessons? Come on. Thank you for at least turning sideways so we couldn't see what that ugly apron said

I think this is Potts' first time with a crawfish-at least that is what her face is saying here.

As a side note: Darrell this is a rubberband-this may be needed when you are caring for Linley alone. Please call James in case of emergency-he seems to be working it pretty well.

Last year we had millions of worms in everything-This year, just 4 caterpillars and two inch worms.

Does anyone else think it is funny that Darrell and I TOTALLY don't need to be squatting in this picture?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Jackson: "Why do birds poop black and white?"

Me: " I think their poop is the same color as the food they eat."

Jackson: "Did that bird eat an oreo?"


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything's Right

Do you ever have those days or weekends when everything just happens exactly as it should? Well, we don't usually have those, but when we do you better believe it is going to make it on the blog. The weekend was so wonderful (minimal meltdowns by Linley coupled with beautiful weather and a great backyard).

So here are a few funnies from it:
Sweet Linley can barely reach, but she loves to swing superman style
The only thing I like better than fresh veggies is when they are Buy One Get one Free. And yes that adorable dress on Linley was a great consignment buy for $4.00
Yummy, oranges-you must get every last drop.Oh wait, I left a tiny little crumb.
Since it was rainy on Sunday Jackson decided we should play Madagascar (if you haven't seen both movies you should). Darrell was Alex (hince my sweet 33 year old baby blanket being used as a lion mane). Jackson was Melman b/c "he is soo funny".
So I tell Jackson "I will be Marty (the zebra) b/c he is really funny and Linley can be Gloria (the hippo) b/c well she is-you know-round:)
"Oh no mommy you should be Gloria b/c you are so big just like her"
Gee thanks Jackson:)

And just a little more backyard time in short 15 second videos.

Please forgive the fact that I have on pajamas, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to beat my son in a good old steam roller race. Darrell was kind enough to point out that I only won b/c I only had to rollover 4 times to Jackson's 9:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wacky Tacky Tax Day

Yesterday was Tax Day so I had a party for my residents. Our first annual Wacky Tacky Tax Day Party.
I work with a particularly refined group of seniors so to see them last night was a true shock to my system. I have never laughed so hard and they out did themselves on tacky. Maybe I will get permission to show some of their pictures, but until then you get to see my precious and tacky children helping us celebrate.

Yes, we love to dress up and yes I have a closet full of skit clothes-Just in Case:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am no expert on swimming lessons, but I really LOVE our new swim instructor. Darrell and I, at the recommendation of our pediatrician, decided to do private swim lessons this year. Jackson loves it and it has been well worth the money (not much more than group lessons).

He has learned-strike that-is learning the freestyle, backstroke and a little bit of the breast stroke. He isn't perfect but he can make it to from one end of the pool to the other all by himself.

So I am done bragging and here are the pictures and a short video.
This is the end of his swim all the way down the pool.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Times and Loving Life

So I am at the point where I pretty much love life. Even if the kids are throwing tantrums, stepping AWAY from the soccer ball at a game or continuously sick; and even if I am being a crotchity wife, lazy mom and hard headed woman, I am just content. Not to say that I am always in a good mood, but I am just enjoying what I have been given.

How awesome is my job that I get paid to eat lunch for FREE with seniors whom I love? Sure makes going to work easy!

I love birthday parties-especially outside birthday parties. At this one the kids got to make balloon animals and they were ADORABLE and from Target of course.

Amanda Q. This pic is for you-Please no one get between this girl and her cupcake! Oh and as a sidenote my almost 20 month old daughter has on a size 4t shirt here.

Yes I was driving while taking this picture, but I am SURE I was stopped at a red light or something. I just couldn't resist since I heard funny noises in the backseat and found Linley sucking on her toes. That is what happens when you take away her buppies (pacifier). I was actually quite impressed she was so flexible for being such a big girl.

I was given free tickets to the Southern Women's Show so Helen and I went on our day off Friday. It was really fun sampling stuff. Helen had to pre taste all of the dips to make sure they were MAYO free. I pretty much only tasted one or two, but oh well.

Saturday Mom and I made the trip to and from Atlanta for a baby shower for Mary Martin Thornton. We got to see the SUNRISE and made it home just before the sunset.

My adorable nephew and soon to be big brother J. He is wearing one of Jackson's old shirts-CUTE!

I only cried three times on Sunday! Our new sanctuary is finished and it is beautiful and the music was awesome. It was sooo easy to worship God in such an amazing environment.
All of that fun just to say that last week I really felt attacked by our ENEMY for feeling so content. So often when things are going well I let that little evil voice start to tell me "watch out-this good can't last too long before something bad happens" Then I believe it and let it ruin all of the joy.

Not today, because today I will Praise God and if tomorrow sucks I will still Praise Him.

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Because I needed to

Because I needed a new post and didn't bring my camera cord you get to look at this picture of an adorable girl and a glimpse of a double chin-YUCK. This is Darrell's child-just so you know. Oh and she knows it too:)