Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Guesses

I'll give you three chances to guess what I am taking a picture of here:



Did you get it? If not, you will have to listen to my story:) Darrell and I were waiting on our front porch last night, ever so patiently. What were we waiting for? Glad you asked. We were waiting for two grandparents, who shall not be named, to return our precious cargo to us from a long weekend away.

Thankfully, I had my phone with me on the front porch when I get a call from the nameless grandparent: "Dianne, we are on the side on the interstate, we ran out of gas."
Me: "That's funny, are you kidding?"
Gparent: "No, it is plain as day, right here on 840 before you get onto I-65"
Me: "We'll be right there."

Then, I started laughing and interrupted Darrell's, conversation with a neighbor and we headed off.

Really, who runs out of gas these days? Isn't that what the little orange light is for? We got a good laugh out of it and as I was snapping pictures the nameless grandparent says, "Oh, no am I going to end up on the blog?"
Indeed you are Grams, except for the fact that you wouldn't pose next to that lovely truck that hauled my beautiful children, nearly, all the way home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Worst Date Ever

*Just as a disclaimer, this date was not with Darrell

I was talking with a co-worker today and she asked me what my worst date ever was. I was pretty disappointed to tell her that it was
Dinner at CiCi's Pizza
and watching Interview With a Vampire at the Dollar Movie Theatre.

I know that this isn't a glamorous date, but it really wasn't awful considering the fact that I was only 15 or 16.

So, I want to hear some REALLY bad ones. Surely someone has some funny or awful, sneak out the bathroom window date that they would share. Please, I need a good laugh.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling Fall

I am pretty sure that nearly every family in Middle Tennessee with young kids goes to some pumpkin patch every year. This year we decided to have a little pumpkin patch party with Jackson's best buddies, their siblings and parents. It was fun for them to have playmates so the adults could talk. Well, the women talked and the men watched football.

Here is some of the kids in the hayless hayride. Really can I say that you should not advertise "hayride" if there will be no hay. How about 'tractor ride' or 'wagon ride'? Anyway

Here are the boys making their "scary" faces for the camera-oohhh.

Here is my confession: I was very afraid of moving all the way to Franklin. I thought it would be boring and that I would be far from friends. I was afraid that I wouldn't have fun, cool neighbors like I used to have, but I was wrong.
Thank You Darrell for being convinced that this was a good thing, because at least once a week I tell Darrell how much I love where we live.
For one it is b/c we do stuff like this:

Who doesn't want to live in a neighborhood where you know most if not all of your neighbors and your kids can do crafts, ride on tractors, play games and all that other fun kid stuff. That and the fact that on a daily basis we have the opportunity to talk to, love on and share the gospel with neighbors who don't know the Lord.
Oh and did I say thank you to D for making that possible:)