Friday, August 17, 2012

Spunky, Sassy and All Things Sweet

Linley's sick, super 5 year birthday.

 This is her opening her gift from Darrell and I on her actual birthday.  Oh and Daddy remembered her request a few weeks ago about getting flowers.  A+ for him!

Linley was sick all weekend of her party so there was no cake eating or pizza eating.  Just a few sips of Sprite.  She was a trooper and skated the entire time anyway.

 And just one picture of the besties, because you know, someday it might be in the rehearsal dinner slide show.

This was my favorite, although blurry, picture of Linley and some of her crazy friends.

As I watch her grow and learn to appreciate her the way she is instead of trying to change her into me, I am finding that I fall more in love with how God created her and her spunky, sassy, sweet loving self.