Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best Workout

The best workout EVER...

... is the one where you take a 4 year old

... and a 7 year old ice skating

... and only the 7 year old is any good!
The little ice skating referees had to help Linley and I off the ground MANY times and I had no shame in accepting that help. Linley and I were both covered in ice and sweat at the end of our hour.

A Few People that I am Proud Of

We have celebrated a few accomplishments at our house recently.

1. This guy completed his first ever 4 mile race and he even came in 5th place in his division. Not too shabby, seeing as how my first ever 4 mile race was the same day:)

2. This handsome fella won "a major award" (name that movie). Congrats sweets on a job well done. I am very proud of you and your hard work.

3. This young lady had her first dance recital and completed the whole thing without throwing a fit, falling on the floor, or losing her piece of tape that marked her spot. Good job Linley!

The moments we have with the ones we love are much too short not to celebrate all of life's special moments. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!