Friday, October 14, 2011

Parisian Superlatives

There really are too many pictures to share and I have had lots of people ask me my favorite thing that we did. Here is the thing: I had lots of favorites, but for different reasons and purposes.

Favorite guide was not dad on this trip it was our trusty Rick Steve's book-see me carrying it? He stayed with me 24/7

Favorite disgusting food that I tried was escargot.
If you can get past the chewiness of them (clearly Kate's face tells us that she could not:) then they weren't terrible.

My favorite spot to feel like a regular was Carmines. We ate there at least 3 times on our trip. YUM.
Favorite transportation-the tiny elevator. Not really, but it was kind of funny.

My favorite 'French' afternoon coffee experience was at LaDuree on the Champs Elysees
Everything was so pretty!

Pretty macarons
and pretty table service
My favorite family time was game night with a dessert smorgasbord and liverpool rummy. Which also served as initiation for my friend into the family.

My favorite night time activity(my only night time activity) was walking a hundred miles to see the Eiffel Tower light up at night-in the rain. Fun times

Favorite shopping experience was the Marais District. I only had one bad shopping event and that is when I got scolded for touching a headband-sheesh.

Favorite tourist spot: Notre Dame tower and the gargoyles.

On the last day of our trip I had my favorite funny day and girl trip to Brussels. We walked miles and miles to get the best french fries. Well they may have been good, but if we had eaten them in Paris they would have been covered with the most delicious gravy ever and then they would have been the best!

My favorite statue was the Mannequin P'is. I am not sure if this is how to spell it but that is how it sounds and it is also what he is doing. They had just changed his clothes the day we were there and had a band and great fanfare.
I laughed and walked more on this trip than any other trip I have been on. It was supremely fun and relaxing. Thank you Darrell, Grams and MacDaddy for holding down the fort while I was away.