Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Darrell!  I can't believe you are 35!  I am glad I married a much older man.  In honor of your birthday here are 35 things that make me glad that God put us together:

1. You love snow sports, just not snow in the South.

2.  Your love of cars, but lack of buying them.  I am also thankful that Top Gear is funny since I watch it with you daily.

3. Your ability to find the most romantic spot for Valentine's Day Dinner

4.  You keep my son "Wild at Heart".

5.  You take pictures like this at places you visit and make me pretend to be interested.

6.  You look sooo good in Orange.

7.  You get dirty with me every year and encourage the moms to stay young too.

8. You love this crazy girl and all her insanity.

9. You teach Jackson all the important things in life:  like how to shoot a soda can.

10.  You love my crazy family and join in on the crazy just like they were your own.

11.  You travel well with others (when you aren't hungry:)

12.  You love good coffee...

13. .. and nasty food that is part of tradition

14.  You take me to new places

15.  You enjoy good guy time

16.  You appreciate your own family and their history

17.  YOu work hard; even on vacation

18.  You are able to calmly tell your oblivious wife why hosta coke funnels probably aren't the best thing to teach your daughter

19.  You can put up with a crazy, wild  outdoorsy princess and her demand for girly clothes.

20.  Your ability to carry weary children

21. You encourage your son to try new watersports until he succeeds

22.  You celebrate after all of our successes

23.  You have taught us to have fun in small towns and to enjoy the same things you enjoyed as a child.

24.  You are never too old to PLAY hard.

25.  You appreciate the simplicity of the beach and being together as a family

26.  You love the lake and good neighbor time

27.  You keep trying new things even in your old age

28.  You laugh at yourself

29.  You love your family and give us all of your love, leadership and prayers.

30.  You have not taught your kids to be afraid of frogs

31-35.  You can put up with this attitude for 11 years and counting.

I love you and hope that this next year brings you blessings, love, fun and many more memories.


Rebecca Meece said...

Great pics! Happy Birthday Darrell!
(this house loves Top Gear too :)

Pat Batey said...

oh Dianne... this is great for your dad...