Monday, October 28, 2013

My New Job

I am finally adjusting to my new Job.  The job I have wanted since Jackson was born and that Darrell worked very hard to give me.  I won't say that I have enjoyed every moment, but I have most of them.  I think I am most grateful on the sick days and the days when I am needed at school.  Before guilt would wash over me when I had to miss work, now overwhelming gratitude has replaced that. 

Some of the finer moments since starting my new job.  Some of these would have happened anyway, but they were fun nonetheless:

A scooter crash and missing tooth

A Neighborhood Ice Cream Party

First Day of School at a new school for both kids

A backyard birthday

A little lake fun

Quiet moments in the alley (these don't happen often)


Daddy naps

An aggressive soccer player!  

We wander stores for fun now:  We don't buy anything usually, but sometimes you just have to get out of the house.

Field Trips:  This is the one thing I really missed out on with Jackson, but am happy that I get to do them now.

Flu Shots!

Fall Break Trips!  Out of town girl friends, I am coming to you next year:)

Linley loves going to Memphis to snuggle Darby.

Mud Island: best mostly cheap fun in Memphis

 Adventure time:  Jackson is always wanting to do crazy and adventurous things so this day I surprised him with ziplining...

…and of course kayaking down the river.

Can't wait to see what the winter brings.

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